Woman having massage in the spa salonMassage has long been recognised for its ability to improve well-being, support the healing process and to aid relaxation. For these reasons we encourage you to include regular massage in your regime along with eating healthily and your weekly exercise programme.


There are many massage styles which originate from around the globe which vary in the way in which they are applied but offer the same benefits as outlined above. The massage therapists at Cristazone are professionally trained, fully insured and have vast amounts of experience in their specialist discipline.


The most popular services that are requested by our clients are the traditional Swedish massage and the aromatherapy massage.




This classic style of massage is used worldwide to relieve stress, relax and to stimulate a tired body. The five basic strokes that are used involve sliding, kneading, tapping, friction and vibration.

It is the style of massage that most people are familiar with and have probably experienced at some point in time. Both practical and effective, Swedish massage is an ideal tool to compliment your improved diet and personal training regimes.



Aromatherapy uses essential oils to stimulate the senses and relieve stress, by directly impacting on mood and emotions. Many oils are used depending on the emotions that you are experiencing and your individual character.

For example lavender is renowned for its calming ability, as is chamomile and geranium. Whereas rosemary is classed as an energizing oil, tea tree oil is a decongestant and ylang ylang has an uplifted effect. Aromatherapy combines the benefits of a good massage and the healing powers of Mother Nature.