Weight Loss

Woman loosing weightAre you familiar with any of these symptoms?


Find it difficult to lose weight and keep it off?

Confused by the diet market?

Overweight & unhappy?

Don’t know what to eat?

Constantly fatigued?

Wake up not feeling refreshed? 

Can’t get the right advice?


If so…our weight loss programme can help YOU.


It is easy to be confused by the many diets on the market and by the conflicting information that often appears in the media on how to lose weight quickly.

Losing weight can be a positive life changing experience when done correctly with good health as the centrepiece of any action undertaken by highly qualified professionals.

Avoid the heartache of yoyo dieting and sign up to a programme that has been compassionately designed to help you to achieve your goals.


Teenage Girl Visits Doctor's Office Suffering With DepressionProfessional & compassionate staff

The Nutritionists at Cristazone are amongst the best in the industry, this gives you the assurance that your wellbeing is of the utmost consideration at all times. Our Nutritionists are members of the professional body the British Association of Applied Nutritionists which ensures that the high standards that we demand are maintained at all times.


Losing weight or acquiring your desired body shape doesn’t have to be a sad, lonely or toturous affair.

In addition to our professional Nutritionists we also have a team of Psychologists that are able to help you to identify and deal with the thought patterns that may be holding you back from making the changes that you need to make.  Our Personal Trainers will also work with you to create enjoyable training programmes that will stretch and motivate you.  Our strong belief is that by working as a team to help you lose weight by focusing on your nutrition, physical activity and psychology, we have a programme which is both successful and enjoyable.

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