Personal Training Package

group of personal trainersUsing a qualified Personal trainer is the best way to ensure that your training programme is able to develop you in the way that you require, whilst at the same time being safe and inspiring.

At Cristazone we have experienced trainers from a variety of sporting backgrounds who are able to use their vast experience to provide you with the type of training programmes that can be used by anyone from housewives to professional athletes. The programmes that we develop are tailored specifically for you and allow you to explore what is your true potential by constantly challenging your perceived limits.

Exercising with a Personal Trainer is normally associated with gym work but at Cristazone we encourage you to take advantage of any environment to improve yourself, whether this is in the office, in the great outdoors or at home. Additionally we promote dance, sports, yoga, walking and play as just some of the alternative ways by which you are able to indulge in meaningful physical activity without having to workout in a gym.

The pathway to fitness should be an enjoyable journey that leaves you feeling inspired to maintain your fitness for the rest of your life. Investing in one of our Personal Training Packages is an ideal way of investing in your future.

Booking one of the Personal Training Packages allows you to receive a significant discount on the cost of booking sessions individually and additionally gives you he opportunity to have a nutrition consultation at 50% of the cost of an individual session.


Single session


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5 session package

Receive a 10% discount on the cost of booking 5 sessions

Plus 50% discount on the cost of a nutrition consultation


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10 session package

Receive a 15% discount on the cost of booking 10 sessions

Plus 50% discount on the cost of a nutrition consultation


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