The Cristazone

Depositphotos_4339255_originalOur philosophy of healthcare is built on the belief that a number of key elements such as nutrition, stress management, relationships etc, as highlighted in the image above, need to be in place and given the appropriate attention in order for you to enjoy good health.

It is common for nutrition and physical fitness to be the main focus when you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but to limit ones attention to these areas alone would be to lose sight of the bigger picture. At Cristazone we encourage a rounded, holistic view, of what is needed for you to be happy internally and externally.

This is why we work with Nutritional Therapists, Psychologists, Masseurs and Personal Trainers who in combination are able to provide the solutions to the health issue that you may be experiencing.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, having trouble detoxifying, problems with digestion or difficulty sleeping, the central issue is your body’s ability to manage energy appropriately on a cellular level.


Energy efficiency

The mitochondria are structures within every one of our cells that produce the raw energy that we use to live, breath and function.

Within each one of these tiny powerhouses are structures called cristae which increase the surface area of the mitochondria so that the amount of energy that they can produce is boosted considerably.

Cristae are therefore at the centre of our existence and their maintenance is crucial for each and every one of us to reach our full potential.

Cristazone’s strategy for cellular health

  1. Nutritious food that naturally provides you with the vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and proteins that you require on a daily basis. We avoid the use of expensive supplements, the effectiveness of which cannot be verified, as the nutrients within them are manufactured in a laboratory and are not as readily recognised by your body
  2. Maintaining a healthy gut. You can eat all the food in the world but if your gut is in poor shape there will be potential problems circulating the nutrients obtained from your food around your body. Your gut is effectively the distribution centre that all of your other bodily functions rely on for the raw materials needed to do their job
  3. Focusing on you as an individual. You are unique, so the protocol that you may need to function well can differ significantly from the protocol of your partner or family member, as no two people are the same. Which is why we take time to get to know you, because it is understanding your uniqueness that allows us to find the appropriate health solution for you
  4. The combination of the right nutrients effectively distributed by an efficiently working stomach, based on a programme that has been designed specifically for you, allows us to ensure that your health is maintained on a cellular level

If every one of the cells in your body are working effectively, your health will be in peak condition. When you strip it right down, our function at Cristazone is to help you to achieve optimum energy flow in every one of your cells.

We maintain health on a cellular level…welcome to the Cristazone!