Do you want to lose weight and keep it off?

Confused by the diet market?

Are you having trouble losing belly fat?

Don’t know what to eat?

Constantly fatigued?

Wake up not feeling refreshed? 

Can’t get the right advice?


Hormonal imbalance can lead to

significant health issues:

Prostrate Problems-Diabetes-Fibroids
Weight Gain-Menopausal Challenges

Bespoke nutritional & fitness programmes can help you find natural solutions to these problems.





Tokei Fitness Centre
28 Magdalen Street
London Bridge
London SE1 2EN


9AM - 7:00PM




I made the decision to give up a career in finance and sales after a period of reflection that resulted in me concluding that in essence my overall contribution to mankind was pretty negligible and the work I was involved in was absolutely boring. I was approaching 40 and felt that if I didn’t make an effort to find something meaningful to do with my life I would be stuck in a depressing rut forever.


I am not depressive by nature, more of an action man, so I set about going through my options. I was clearly too old to consider a sporting career, despite being very sporty, but nutrition seemed like a great way to possibly be involved in that world. I remember listening to the radio one evening and there was a big discussion about the ‘obesity crisis’ and that discussion changed everything for me.


The cash rich sports world didn’t need me but the world was in crisis, let alone the little corner of England that I live in. I had found my purpose, something that I could enjoy and something that there was a genuine need for. So I returned back to the world of education as a mature student and began my journey as a health practitioner.


I have been practising now for 10 years and I am so pleased to have found my vocation and to be able to wake up excited about going to work and who I might help next. The work can be frustrating and emotionally demanding but when you achieve the goal of taking someone from ‘illness to wellness’ it is a really amazing feeling.


So much ill health can resolved by managing stress, the quality and composition of food eaten and levels of physical activity. The trick is finding practitioners like myself who are able to knit the whole nutritional/psychological/physical aspects of ill health together and provide solutions that help people to resolve long term chronic health issues. Everyone has a right to good health and the quality of life that this provides. I take pride in the fact that on a daily basis I am helping people to make that positive journey

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